Revolutionize work for the deskless worforce.

The easiest way to retain and grow a happier, more productive deskless workforce.

At Denim, we are helping employers improve performance while retaining talent and ensuring the deskless workforce feels valued, rewarded and heard.
Decrease turnover, improve productivity and strengthen engagement in less than 30 days.

Denim is built on the belief that happy, motivated workers are also good for business. It’s a win-win.

This is especially true for deskless workforces who are on the move and don't have a desk. In an era where labor is in high demand and productivity is declining, worker experience is critical.

Employees that feel valued and can connect their daily activities to their company's performance are more likely to stick around, increase team morale, and deliver quality work. We’re here to help employers be the companies that great workers want to work for.

Recognition + Gratitude
69% of employees would work harder
Manager Insights
91% of employees believe leaders 
lack communications skills
Easy, Real-time Comms
80% prefer on the spot feedback
Goal Transparency
Improves performance by 12 to 15%

Employees love Denim


customer satisfaction score
Denim brings us great ways to connect and engage with our employees while incentivizing them.
— HR Leader, a Denim Manufacturing Customer

Employers love Denim

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Our Leadership Team

We are on a mission to revolutionize work for the deskless workforce.

At Denim, we dedicate all of our experiences and energy to serve a workforce that deserves the resources and tools to thrive – at work and in life. We work the same way we help our customers work – on a foundation of transparency, recognition, results and feedback.

We regularly tap into our network of Advisors & Investors – whose backgrounds include behavioral science, gamification, technical architectures and global talent management – as we build a powerful behavior platform that enables our customers be great organizations where great people want to work.

Blair Christie
Founder and CEO

I’ll never forget my first job – starting work at 6:30 am for my 6-hour shift, making donuts and counting tips in coins. Fast forward three decades, with a track record of building successful brands, businesses and incredible teams, I am on a mission to revolutionize work for the deskless workforce. I’ve always looked for the win-win in situations across life and at work. That’s why at Denim we’re helping our customers create a happier workforce and stronger performance.

Kristina Simkins
Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer

I grew up watching those I admire most build careers in the frontline workforce - from grocery and retail to hospitality and sales. With my two decades of designing and scaling successful software solutions that empower people with tools they need to succeed, I’m combining my personal admiration with my professional passion at Denim: Making sure everyone feels valued and happy - even at work. Happiness for me is found in a good book, gardening, exploring bike trails around town and quality time with friends and family.

Katie Nehrenz
Director, Customer Success

At Denim, I work hand-in-hand with HR and Operations professionals to drive value and results. While I bring over a decade of experience with customers ranging from start-ups to Fortune 500 organizations, I spent my first professional decade as an deskless worker. I've developed a deep passion for instilling employee development pathways, wellness and psychological safety in the workplace. Life is short and I prefer to spend it laughing with family, friends, and customers!

Aaron Milam
Senior Principal Engineer

I've been scaling SaaS products and building engineering teams for almost two decades. I seek ways to make the jobs of others easier or better and believe that teams work best when they have clarity and alignment. By working on those two things, we can build the trust needed to work together smoothly and with confidence - this is why Denim is a natural fit for me. I also love a good cup of coffee, reading sci-fi, playing games, and acting silly with my family.