Engage your workforce while building work habits and incentivizing key behaviors


Communicate with ease. Collect feedback. Build a culture of employee engagement and positive recognition.


Build work habits and drive business outcomes through on-time arrival, key tasks and goal completions.


Gamify work by incentivizing the right behaviors and rewarding employees for a job well done


Enable a workforce that is informed, valued and heard

  • Automate reminders via SMS nudges
  • Easily post company and team announcements
  • Collect ongoing employee feedback and sentiment
  • Share the love with peer-to-peer shout-outs for a job well done
  • Empower leaders with insights and communication tools

Build work habits that 
unlock business outcomes

  • Provide clarity for individual, team & company goals
  • Communicate and track task lists
  • Track and improve employee attendance behaviors
  • Easily report issues, safety observations and more
  • Incentivize performance for key behaviors for each location, team or individual

Invest in your workforce by 
rewarding for what they do best

  • Customize incentives using a points based award system
  • Celebrate employee milestones
  • View accomplishments in employee's digital work record
  • Automate rewards via gift card reward marketplace
  • Recognize employees with ad-hoc rewards

Insights that drive action

Denim provides leaders with the information they need to understand their teams, identify trends and take action. Empowered with access to view and respond to employee feedback, issue reports and visibility into peer-to-peer recognition, leaders can maintain healthy feedback loops directly in Denim.

Easy implementation, easy integration

Minimize manual reporting. Automate for real-time updates. Keep your tech stack simple. Sync Denim with any HRIS, payroll system and data warehouse to keep work hassle-free. (well - at least this part of work is hassle free)

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