They're the backbone of your business and the ones who directly interact with your customers to keep the wheels turning. Yet the frontline workforce – your cashiers, delivery drivers, field technicians and factory line – often feel like an afterthought when it comes to communication and growth strategies.

The common challenge we hear across companies that rely on deskless workers is reaching and engaging these teams to drive results.

What if by simply meeting your frontline where they are, you could unlock a slew of productivity and job satisfaction?

A frontline workforce that feels informed, valued, and empowered will lead to higher productivity, customer satisfaction, and employee retention. It's all within reach by simply adjusting how you connect with your frontline.

Recently, a Denim customer who runs a location with over 400 employees shared with us that he “…knows how the machines are running and production is progressing, but not how my people are doing”.

So, what adjustments do you need to make? Here are 3 ways to bridge the communication gap:

Reach the Mobile Majority

You can’t reach the frontline in the same ways you reach the employees who work behind a desk. They're on the move, juggling tasks, and often using their own phones for personal and professional needs. 97% of Americans have a mobile phone, and nine out of ten have smartphones. Do yourself a favor - ditch the single mode of communication and take advantage of that technology.

Let’s face it, deskless workers aren’t likely going to read an email or watch a lengthy video. With frontline employees likely using their smartphones for everything outside of work, it’s critical to leverage a mobile solution that taps into the work already underway at your company. It’s the medium, not the message that needs to adjust.

  • Deliver targeted messages and updates via SMS
  • Use push notifications to deliver critical information instantly
  • Gamify work, like task lists and training, to make it engaging and accessible on-the-go

Empower Your Managers

Luckily, companies have a powerful tool in their workplaces every day – managers. Research shows that managers influence 75% of employee decisions to stay or leave a job. And that’s not all. Managers also impact employee safety, sense of belonging, engagement and development.

Frontline managers are the bridge between leadership and the workforce. Equip them with the tools they need to effectively connect with their teams. Since managers have an outsized impact on the well-being, engagement and productivity of their employees, creating opportunities to improve communications (31% of frontline employees say there is a climate of silence in their workplace) and incorporating easy-to-use, automated recognition tools will go a long way to powering-up productivity.

Understand What Motivates (and it's not one-size-fits-all!)

What drives one employee’s performance might not resonate with another. Sure, pay and financial rewards are important, but some employees thrive more on public recognition, while others find purpose in mastery and skill development. Understanding and delivering to different motivational styles is crucial.

Timing matters too. When you recognize someone for a job well-done immediately, it helps reinforce that positive behavior and sustain motivation. Imagine recognizing an employee's achievement immediately– the moment they delivered the results you needed— and gamifying that performance with rewards that they truly value.

  • Leverage technology to cater to diverse motivational needs
  • Tie your rewards and recognition to actual business outcomes and use digital programs that give employees choice
  • Study the patterns and learn what motivates and satisfies your teams

Ready to take the first step?

Start by researching your frontline's tech habits and preferred communication methods. Think creatively about how to leverage mobile technology and personalize your approach.

Then give Denim a shout. We’d love to share our results and see if we can do the same with you.