For frontline employees there’s often no shortage of work to be done and limited time to complete the day’s responsibilities. Whether they’re adjusting to a new role, learning a new process or completing the critical recurring duties essential to their job, it’s important for team members to have clarity on what needs to be done. 

At Denim, we believe clarity and transparency in the hands of frontline employees empowers each team member to do their very best work. That’s why we’ve introduced Task Lists to make it easier for leaders to guide employees through actions needed to succeed and to celebrate when employees check all the boxes. 

Want to streamline your new hire onboarding to guide new team members through important steps as they get settled in a new role? Rolling out a new process or upskilling program to drive team member development and want to guide and track progress? Reinforcing routine best practices and processes for your teams to build recurring habits? We’ve got you covered.

Create and monitor progress with ease

Admins and Leaders are busy. We get it. That’s why we’ve made it as simple as possible to create, manage and assign task lists in Denim.

  • Step 1: Create a task list and provide details on the overall goal, project or process
  • Step 2: Add each task to be completed, selecting the task type and adding any helpful descriptions
  • Step 3: Assign your task list to any group or individual(s) who should complete the to-dos

See? It’s as easy as completing a few quick to-dos! 😉

Leaders and Admins can easily create, manage, or assign a list in a few simple clicks, making it easy to scale your assignments in just the way you need:

  • Assign to as many or as few team members as you need using simple audience selection. Use groups like locations, departments or teams to assign in bulk with one click. 
  • Customize timelines with assignment due dates when needed - including easy recurring assignments on your preferred cadence. (Pro Tip: Queue up an assignment in advance by setting a future start date to delay it until the team is ready!)
  • Award points to incentivize successful task list completion and reward employees when they mark all tasks as done.

Once a list is assigned it’s easy to keep track of progress with the Assignment Summary dashboard and views of individual task list completion details. 

Want to learn more about easily managing tasks? Click here to read all the details in Denim’s Knowledge Base or contact us for a demo!

Guide team members through to-dos and celebrate success

Don’t you love the feeling of satisfaction when you get to mark something complete on your to-do list? Yep - we do too. The thrill of checking off every item on your list is rewarding and deserves to be celebrated.

When team members log in to Denim each day - they’ll see any assigned task lists directly on their home screen so they know if and when they have tasks to complete. With one click they’ll have all of the details and know each task they need to complete and can get started.

As they work through their tasks, employees will be able to  easily see their progress and complete the  remaining tasks in the flow of work as needed. Simply mark tasks complete, enter any required information and/or upload a supporting photo and complete the list when all tasks are done.

If points are awarded for employees completing the task list, they’ll show up directly in their Denim pocket where they can instantly  cash in points for rewards. Time to celebrate! 👏

Best practices for successful task completion
Set expectations

Consider what information team members need in order to understand the tasks to be completed and provide clarity up front so they can get started. Add a brief description to individual tasks or add links to helpful resources and documents in your task list details. Then, set  a due date when assigning a task list helps set expectations around time needed to complete and lets employees plan ahead.

Keep it simple

While there’s no magic formula for the number of tasks needed - and Denim doesn’t enforce a limit - keep in mind that what you’re asking an employee to do should feel achievable. Too many steps from start to finish may feel overwhelming. Consider keeping task lists as simple as possible or breaking larger projects into multiple lists - celebrating success milestones along the way.

Ask for details

Some tasks are as simple as checking a box when the job is done. Others require a bit more information. Consider how a team member might actually complete the step and give them the opportunity to provide information that solidifies their outcomes and gives leaders insight. Asking a team member to track a result? Ask them to enter the value to complete the task. Checking the status of a workstation? Team members can upload a photo to document what they see.

Make it a habit

While task lists are great ways to guide team members through one-time deliverables - like onboarding or leveling up a skill - consider which tasks your team members complete on a regular basis to keep the team on track. For example, daily checklist for successful shift handoffs, weekly inventory or equipment reviews. Providing employees with recurring task lists can drive consistency in these repeated behaviors and incentivizing for regular completion can help build habits needed to achieve peak performance.

Want to learn more about Task Lists or other ways Denim is empowering frontline teams for success?

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