In today's rapidly evolving workplace landscape, two critical elements play a pivotal role in driving organizational success: credibility and employee engagement. As a member of the UKG Labs 2023 Cohort, I've had the privilege of delving into the essential role credibility plays in establishing a Great Place To Work. This blog will explore the intersection of credibility and employee engagement, particularly within the context of the deskless workforce, and how Denim, the organization I'm proud to be a part of, contributes to these crucial aspects of workplace culture.

The Enigma of Motivation

Throughout my career journey, I've been fortunate to witness remarkable accomplishments achieved by teams facing daunting challenges—tight deadlines, uncertain outcomes, and high-pressure scenarios. The unwavering dedication and determination displayed by my colleagues as they consistently went the extra mile left me pondering a profound question: What motivates individuals to work tirelessly in such circumstances?

Motivation is a multifaceted concept, driven by diverse factors, whether they are intrinsic, extrinsic, or a blend of both. Understanding the unique motivations of each employee can be a complex task. At Denim, we've embraced this challenge, assisting organizations in uncovering the motivational drivers of their employees. We then leverage this invaluable insight to create a tailored and fulfilling work experience, particularly for the deskless workforce.

The Essence of Credibility

In my observations of high-performing teams, I observed a common characteristic - credibility. Credibility - being both believable and trusted - permeates not only the individuals within a team but also the organizational culture as a whole. Undoubtedly, credibility serves as a powerful motivator.

In an environment where credibility flourishes, teams operate at an accelerated pace, boldly tackle challenges, and, most importantly, thrive in an atmosphere where their voices are not just heard but valued. So, how can an organization cultivate and embed credibility into its culture, especially for the deskless workforce? Let's delve into three concrete approaches:

Experience & Expertise: Credibility often springs from the collective experience and expertise within an organization. Teams comprising individuals who have weathered both successes and failures possess a valuable reservoir of knowledge. With Denim, our customers can actively encourage development opportunities, highlight desired behaviors, and provide a digital work record of achievements for each member of their frontline workforce, allowing them to showcase their results and experience.

Data: When experience is scarce, data emerges as a guiding light. It empowers team members to make informed decisions, adapt their approaches, and collaborate effectively. For leaders, data-driven insights provide clarity and objectivity, bridging visibility gaps. Denim harnesses data from past performance and future expectations to create predictive, actionable insights to empower our deskless users and their supervisors – our customers’ employees – to deliver their very best work.

Authenticity: Authenticity is the adhesive that aligns teams and keeps work flowing seamlessly. Business outcomes evolve into shared objectives when communication and engagement are grounded in transparency. Denim fosters authenticity through mechanisms like peer recognition, transparent goal setting, feedback loops, and rewards at all levels within our customers’ organizations.

The Trust Factor

A credible organization is distinguished by the trust nurtured among its members. This trust becomes a valuable asset for teams navigating external challenges beyond their control, such as supply chain disruptions, unexpected surges in demand, peak seasons, or a competitive labor market. When individuals place their trust in their organization, they can focus on what they can influence and have unwavering confidence in their company's ability to manage the rest.


In the intricate tapestry of a successful workplace, credibility serves as a golden thread, weaving together the elements of trust, motivation, and engagement. A culture steeped in credibility empowers teams to surmount challenges and achieve extraordinary results. Denim is resolutely dedicated to helping organizations unlock the potential of credibility, enabling them to cultivate Great Places To Work where employees thrive, businesses flourish, and success becomes the norm.