• Want to improve retention and cut turnover in half?
  • Need to boost performance without overhauling your systems?
  • Looking to improve communication and alignment with your teams?

It’s time to focus on the #1 asset you already have - your Supervisors!

Join us in a conversation with frontline workforce veteran Ron Storn, Truckstop’s Chief People Officer; Independent Board Member and HR Tech Investor, and Blair Christie, Founder & CEO of Denim, to explore how you can set your Supervisors up to be a powerful tool to improve employee productivity and engagement. 

Learn about effective, easy-to-implement initiatives, along with new ways to automate and leverage data to help your leaders boost team performance. 

Consider this: 75% of employees stay - or leave - because of their supervisor. Ron’s expertise with frontline teams at companies like Booster & Lyft, along with his role as a change agent driving future-of-work best practices, can help you power your leaders to amplify and activate an engaged, high-performing culture.